Big Bang Bar Pinball
"Video Review"


"MY GAMEROOM: Episode #2"
The Big Bang Bar Reproduction Pinball Review!

This episode features the special edition pinball machine "Big Bang Bar." Only a dozen of these hit the prototype stages before Capcom pinball closed their doors in 1996. Now, fast forward to 2007 when Gene Cunningham and Pinball Manufacturing reproduce a limited run of 190 of these games (with some left-over parts from Capcom and some completely reproduced items specifically made for this limited-edition).

I hope you enjoy this review on an interesting slice of pinball history!!

Side note: if you like what you see, the review will be showcased as a "supplement" on the Pins and Vids "Making of Big Bang Bar" DVD (with extra audio commentary track by myself). All of the money from each DVD purchase goes to the non-profit Pinball Hall of Fame. Read more below.

There are a couple ways online you can view the review:

It is uploaded to YOUTUBE:
Obviously the YOUTUBE version is low-rez as they have converted the video to their specifications (this was before inclusion of their HQ settings).
However, it should load faster for slower connections:

And........a medium-rez version was uploaded to "dailymotion," which seems to have retained a good portion of the quality:

If you enjoy the review, make sure to check out to purchase the "making of Big Bang Bar" DVD, ON SALE NOW! Hours of interesting history on the making of this machine is included, as well as a high-quality version of my review as a supplement. In also includes 2-minutes of extra footage and a commentary track by myself. And all the money goes to a good cause, so please support Al Warner and the guys at Pins 'n Vids.

E-mail me with any questions/comments:
or leave a comment at YouTube. :)

Here are a few choice selections of what people are saying:

"Uhhhh - WOW!!!!...what can I say other than I'm floored?!"
Al Warner (

"LOVED the new video! I'm planning on mentioning it in next month's GameRoom Magazine, and I'm dying to see the "extended edition" in Al's Pins and Vids III (which I'll be reviewing as soon as I get a copy). You did a great job - good humor, pacing, editing, and flow. Much like a good pinball machine, you keep things moving and while you bounce around a lot, there's a method to your madness. Congrats again!"
Kevin Steele (Editor,

"I love the video. I loved being in it. Chris is one of best people in the hobby. The Rochester Guys had a blast at his basement. Jamie and Chris are always welcome at my arcade anytime."
Bruce Nightingale (

"Thanks for doing the video, Chris; there seemed to be a bit of a vacuum of praise out there after people started receiving their BBB's. Very, very well-done video (and the corniness is fine; it's funny) and you delivered a good amount of the BBB flavor to the watcher, IMO"
Richard (

"I LIKE this guy's videos... a lot. Such a 'natural' in front of the camera and a great voice for it to boot... FUN STUFF"
OldTimer (

"Great idea and very good work! Everything in it, humor, information and girls! Think you should go for an Oscar!"
Bertl (BBB Forums)

"Great job on the video! I suddenly have the urge to play a BBB with the lights off! -only played the proto at Expo thus far. I would love to see videos like this on your other games. You do very professional work!"
Mike (

"Well Chris, what can i say? You've done it again. I cannot stress how great of job you did on the entire piece. You've one upped yourself with this BBB review. Seriously slick!"
Kevin L'Heureux (

"Really really well done, Chris! It is an amazing piece of work! "
Pinsane (BBB Forums)

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